Date Time Venue Formulas racing
19 SEPT 6.30 PM NIR BriSCA F2, Bangers (Metro’s),  BriSCA MiniStox
19 SEPT 8.00 PM Ballymena National Hot Rods, Stock Rods, Lightning Rods
20 SEPT 6.00 PM Cowdenbeath BriSCA F2, 2.0 Stock Cars, Hot Rods, Stock
Rods (Scottish Champ)
20 SEPT 6.00 PM Roosecote Metro Bangers, Bombers, Stock Cars, Hot Rods, MiniStox
 20 SEPT 7.00 PM Coventry BriSCA F1 (WORLD FINAL)
 20 SEPT 7.00 PM Ipswich National Hot Rods (WQR), Lightning Rods, 2.0 Stock Cars
 20 SEPT 7.00 PM Mildenhall BriSCA F2, Bangers (Small Van), Reliant Robins (British Champ)
 21 SEPT 1.00 PM Buxton Rookie Bangers (Teams), Super Bangers, MiniStox, Hot Fords (British), Hot Rods, Rookie Rods
 21 SEPT 1.00 PM Crimond BriSCA F2, Hot Saloons, Bangers, MiniStox, Hot Rods, Saloons
 21 SEPT 1.00 PM Warton Bangers (2000cc), Super Bangers, Stock Cars, Minis, Unlimited Mini’s
  21 SEPT 1.30 PM NIR BriSCA F1 (World Masters), BriSCA F2 (World Masters), Rebels
 21 SEPT  2.00 PM Arena Essex Unlimited Bangers (ORCI World), 1300 Stock Cars (Supreme)
 21 SEPT 2.00 PM Barford BriSCA F2, Bangers (Ken Buckle Cup), MiniStox
 21 SEPT 6.30 PM Belle Vue BriSCA F2, Unlimited Bangers (Northern Open), V8 Stock Cars (Jon Maw Memorial)
 21 SEPT  7.00 PM Wimbledon SuperStox (World Final), 1300 Stock Cars, Rookie Bangers
 21 SEPT  7.00 PM Yarmouth Stock Rods, Rookie Bangers, Rookie Rods, MiniStox
 24 SEPT 7.30 PM Eastbourne SuperStox, MiniStox, Rookie Bangers
 24 SEPT 8.00 PM Ballymena BriSCA F2, Lightning Rods (Irish Champ), Juniors (Irish Champ)
 27 SEPT  6.00 PM Birmingham BriSCA F1, BriSCA F2, MiniStox
 27 SEPT 6.00 PM Cowdenbeath Stock Rods (World Final), National Hot Rods, MiniStox
 27 SEPT 7.00 PM Ipswich 2.0 Hot Rods, Rookie Bangers
 27 SEPT 7.00 PM Mildenhall 2.0 Stock Cars (European), Unlimted Bangers
 28 SEPT 12.30 PM Buxton BriSCA F1, BriSCA F2, 2.0 Stock Cars
 28 SEPT 1.00 PM Roosecote Bangers, Reliant Robins, Rookies, Stock Cars,
 28 SEPT  1.30 PM Bovingdon V8 Stock Cars (British Champ), Bangers (Teams), Lightning Rods
 28 SEPT 1.30 PM Tipperary Bangers (Tippwreck), Lightning Rods, 1300 Hot Rods, Productions
 28 SEPT 2.00 PM Arena Essex Lightning Rods (Supreme), Super Bangers, Outlaw Hot Rods
 28 SEPT 2.00 PM Knockhill BriSCA F2, National Hot Rods, Stock Rods, MiniStox
  28 SEPT 2.00 PM Mendips BriSCA F2, Bangers (Miles Griffiths Memorial), MiniRods
 28 SEPT 2.00 PM NIR Unlimited Bangers (Over 3000cc), V8 Stock Cars, Stock Rods, Rookie Bangers
   28 SEPT 2.30 PM Taunton Bangers (TeamArama V), Stock Rods, Hot Rods (Alan Turner Memorial), MiniStox



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