F2 Great Northern championship grid lineup


So there it is the Final standings for the £2000 T.M Ward Plant Hire Great Northern Championship Final at Barford Raceway on Sunday 5th October (2:00pm). On pole position is the defending champion and World Champion 401 Barry Goldin who has got to be favorite to take the title home with him once again as he is the only driver to have his name engraved in the trophy more times than anyone else. Then on the outside front row he has got to be the dark horse and really knows how to keep out of trouble 590 Paul Sinclair who will really want this title as much as everyone else but will have to do something with the World Champion to get away in this one. Now we move onto row 2 as we see 750 Paul Spooner on the inside and definitely this man could cause some real upsets as he knows how and where to use the bumper as he did on 401 earlier in the year so really a man to watch and one of the favorites for me, then we move to the outside and it’s 371 Peter Wright who is really on and off this season having set up trouble but hopefully could have one of his better meetings, certainly another driver to keep an eye on. Next up comes row three where 601 Mark Wareham lines up on the inside but may well miss this meeting as he has sold his car but this race could persuade him to loan a car and if he does he could also be another danger to the front runners. Then on the outside we have another driver who could have a top 3 finish 170 Mark Helliwell if he manages to stay out of trouble but if not a top 3 finish a top 10 finish is definitely not a problem. Then onto row 4 we have on the inside 294 John Dowson who I don’t think will be on the pace as much as he would like to be but may find himself in a top 10 finish, then on the outside we have a real master of Barford this season 79 Gordon Moodie who with one or two yellow flags could get up and into the lead and if he doesn’t win he will no doubt be in the top 3. Now on row 5 we see 350 Gareth Taylor who just can’t get his new car to go as well as his old one but has on and off spells and could maintain his position and finish in the top 10 and on the outside of 350 it’s 187 Peter McCallum who I think will struggle to keep his starting position and a top 10 finish and a driver who will be disappointed with his result at the end. Onto row 6 now and on the inside is the highest placed yellow grader and has done very well to get here 150 Mark Thoms who will be full of confidence starting this far up on the grid and would love to be among the top 10 and if he keeps his cool he could find himself there when the checkered flag drops, on the outside of row 6 come the second highest place Scottish star 747 Gordon Neilson who done excellent last meeting to get this far up in the grid and will definitely have a top 10 finish in this one. Then completing the top 12 positions on row 7 on the inside we have 725 Paul Broatch who would have love to have been on the front 3 rows for this one but has had some real bad luck and will be really fired up for this one and you could definitely see some sparks fly of this mans bumper but may struggle to catch the leader but you could see him finish in the top 10, on the outside of 725 comes two times British Champion 324 James Thackra who sadly missed the last qualifying round but still could be a real contender for a top 5 finish and can pull out some terrific driving as seen a few times this season. This race is really a close call and we may see a surprise at the end of the race and don’t rule out any of the lower graded drivers as anything can happen in FII racing.




401 Barry Goldin 590 Paul Sinclair
750 Paul Spooner 371 Peter Wright
601 Mark Wareham 170 Mark Helliwell
294 John Dowson 79 Gordon Moodie
350 Gareth Taylor 187 Peter McCallum
150 Mark Thoms 747 Gordon Neilson
725 Paul Broatch 324 James Thackra
244 Clive Buckton 372 Paul Jones
258 Ryan Walker 166 Tony Cordiner
3 Murray Ford 964 John Fortune
888 Paul Ford 816 James Docherty
139 John Horn 190 Jeff Metcarfe
758 Sam Winters 323 Trevor Calvin
715 Paul Walton 424 Graham Bentham
435 Steve Temple 603 John Sleeman
553 Andy Kaye 618 Tony Blow
40 Steve Murray

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